…I wish there was more time…I like this feeling….

I got to a thinking you know when you start hanging out with a new guy all the new things happen. The greatness you feel when he texts you back, when you have the slightest physical contact you get giddy. But with all the good and awesome feelings comes those nerves. For me leaving in […]


….I dont only hate the way you look at me…I secretly love it

I am Sorority both literally and destined for such a life, not in the stereotypical way but in the way that I am meant to be apart of something bigger. I learned this over time and I know the nay sayers out there will be shaking their heads in disagreement, or even do that little […]

boys confusion first time interesting sorority

It is all about the Perspective

Often people are stuck asking themselves what is reality and what is fantasy. For most situations it is all about perspective. I know I find myself doing it on many occasions. A guy you like who you seldom see, seems to use the same old excuse when you finally come into town. Let me paint […]

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..do I ever cross your mind…I want too

Dang 5 hour amazing car ride with the same song playing every few tracks. Songs totally get stuck in my head. Have you ever had this happen: There are times where you meet someone and just wish they would see the awesomeness that you posses because you of course, are an excellent judge of character […]


Words for thought….

It is so dramatic how weather can effect a persons mood. On a sunny awesome day that person cutting you off doesn’t get as aggravating as it would on a rainy day. Watching Tyra today, because the weather sucks…Barsexual really?! Is there partysexual?! This girl is trying to say that she does it for her […]