Your skin in the winter

We are coming on to some of the coldest, blustery days of the year.  There are a lot of skin concerns and preventive measures a person can take in regards to skin.  I mean, I think “snow” is a  forgotten swear word.  I cringe more over that choice word than anything else. Just the thought of going out into the cold, wet, dark wintery day makes me shutter. Brrrr! In the cold we always seem to remember the essentials, from the many layers  of clothing, to the wool socks with the perfect boot, but, we most often forget to protect our largest organ.  Our skin is fully exposed to the temperature change from our cozy house to blasting heat in the  car, and then out into the cold.  You may notice that your skin is more dry than normal, signs of this dryness include; flaky, scale-like, patchy, tight, or even red irritated spots.  When your skin shows such signs most people try to exfoliate or scrub away the dry, patchy parts.  I urge you not to, it may help the flakes but this is only a temporary fix.   In regards to a cleanser, you will want to switch to a cream cleanser, it helps not strip the good oil in  your skin, you need to hold on to all the oil you can.  Make sure you moisturize!!  Both an oil type and a water type, because dry and dehydrated are two different things, but both suffer depletion in the winter.  For those who only really want one thing to apply in the AM, you must go with a skin specific moisturizer with an SPF!!  YES, an SPF, even in the winter!!!! I find myself telling so many people how important it is to wear an SPF all year round, because the UV rays are always shinning.  To put it all in perspective, we are actually closer to the sun in the winter time because of the way the earth has tilted.  
When it comes to the body, I love, LOVE, coconut oil!  I take it as a supplement, I have mixed it with coarse salt for a scrub in the shower, and I use coconut oil as a moisturizer too! There are so many benefits to coconut oil; the fatty acids help retain moisturize in the skin, it also is claimed that coconut oil is good for several skin disorders such as acne, psoriasis, and eczema. I mean it is just a bonus that is smells super yummy!!
So to recap, protect your skin with layers, moisturizer and an SPF.  Try coconut oil on your dry patches of skin.  Switch to a creamy cleanser, and try not to over exfoliate.  Good Luck!!

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