When Things Fall Apart…..

Motivational Monday—
When you feel like things are crumbling around  you and you can’t help but stand idly by, some see that as rock bottom.  It is most certainly NOT  rock bottom… it is purely  just a challenge…  It is like doing that last set of crunches after going WELL above your normal.  It is what you do with stress or complications that define you as a person, not the stresses or issues. I think to many people are worried about asking for help or even receiving help because of the perception of weakness, really it just means you are a team person that knows they are not to finish such a challenge alone.  Sometimes life throws the big things at you that makes you realize you need certain people in you life. Everything should and will make you appreciate what you have been dealt. With going into a field that I am soooooo strongly passionate about I only want to be the ABSOLUTE  best I can be.  Unfortunately  it is not very easy because I don’t know everything yet.  So I  do get frustrated when the answers don’t come to me or when I have a challenge that I should know once I get experience.  This can be transpired  to a lot things people run into in the world of challenges. Just because you don’t know what to do now, doesn’t mean you will not know  the next time.  I knowwwww…. It is SO cliche’ but you really do learn from mistakes, and honestly  if that mistake happened again you would know exactly what to do….  but lets be honest…  that mistake isn’t going to happen again….lol
Bottom line if you have a challenge or a hurdle… ASK FOR HELP…. your friends, your TRUE friends will help  you.  You do not need to worry about being judged  because those who love you will not and those who judge you, don’t matter. 

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