Become a Sugarist–Be the best, Learn from the Best


Are you currently a licensed esthetician?  Are you in school to be an esthetician or  cosmetologist?  Would you like to provide your clients with an exceptional experience and lasting results?  How about an organic experience from products to disposal? How about to increase your income  with a low overhead??

Sugaring is perfect for you!!  Education schedules are available to all who are eager to learn. Get a basic or advanced knowledge of sugar  to help practice the ancient art of body sugaring!

Basic Certification Course– 2-day $799

 You will learn theory as it relates to hair removal, and instructed on sugaring all major areas of the body, to include: legs, bikini line, underarms, lip, chin, and eyebrow. Many will include a Brazilian demo, if time allows, and a model is available. Upon completion you will received a proficiency certificate signed by me.

Brows* $150

When I first started this  was the most intimating service, my goal is to make you feel at ease.  This can be added to any course of your choice including Basic Course.

Speed Sugaring* $250

The idea of making more money in no added time is an estheticians dream!  Imagine being able to do a brazilian in 15 minutes, lips in 5 minutes and underarms in 5 minutes.  This is achievable, I will teach you my proven techniques.  This course is an investment in your success  I do recommend that you have been sugaring for at least 1 month before taking this class.

Brazilians* $250

This service is the hardest to master but with my techniques and your eagerness we can get you comfortable with this service, I will teach you how to make clients feel at ease as well as proper technique to ensure optimal results.

Refresher Course* $299 or

One on One $325(your location)

You use to sugar, or you had a training in school and haven’t been sugaring in your current job. Need something to just give you more confidence in your technique. This is your course.

*Must already hold any sugaring Certification, If you took the Basic course with me  save $50 on any other course

Sugar can and will Travel:

Onsite/Travel Trainings

Whether you want to get a small group of estheticians together or you want to bring me out to train your entire spa team, I am  available to come train in locations outside of Seattle, Wa.

How do your travel trainings work?

I can bring the same amazing sugaring certification training to various locations within and outside of the USA. This training can save you or your team time and money if flying out to one of my Seattle training’s isn’t possible.

 What will it cost to bring me to your city?

The cost of the training will be  my certification class ($799 per person the more people we can adjust this fee) plus travel expenses,  you will also be responsible for making sure that I have a good location  to help with training (with space for 2 massage tables and a 6 person table for theory).

I do require a minimum of 4 people to fly out to your city and I can train up to 6 people in one 2-day period. I would like to keep our training’s small so that you and your team get as much one on one time.

A small “travel expense” fee will be tacked onto all travel trainings to make up for our extra food and lodging expenses while we are working with you. This fee will be discussed and agreed upon before any deposit is accepted to hold your space.

I’m interested, how do I move forward?

Please email me at