You’re to beautiful to be single….

All is fair in love and war…not really. Woman seemed to have drawn the short stick in the dating world.  If we act half the way men do we get a negative label; Like if we date multiple people at the same time we are a whore, if we go home right away with a guy we are easy, if we let a guy know how we feel we are too emotional, if we try and have regular contact with a guy we like we are too needy. When we aren’t looking for a relationship we are going to be a cat lady.  How does any of this work? If our natural habits have started to become a negative thing, and if we act not natural, we are fake.  This is a conundrum I doubt will ever be figured out. We all will just keep on, keeping on and just hope we find someone who matches our kind of crazy. Trials and tribulations are all we can use to find our crazy equal, here are some of the pet peeves of the open liners from experience.

You’re too pretty to be single”

I have heard this phrase time and time again, each time I feel like I need a shovel to pick my jaw off the ground.  What the heck is that suppose to me?! I am pretty therefore I should have already been snatched up…  what do my looks have to do with it?  Why aren’t you asking, why hasn’t the right guy come around.  I am sorry just because I am pretty doesn’t mean I have lost my standards. The fact that there is this stipulation; that all the pretty girls can’t be single and if they are its not because I have chosen to have the high enough standards to keep certain people at bay.

“You’re cute”

Oh my gosh nothing gets to me more than this, I get it, maybe you’re shy and can’t figure anything else out.  But seriously… puppies are cute, babies are cute, a woman you are interested in shouldn’t be cute…. go to and find something else for the love of dating…  find something else.

“You don’t look Muslim”

I hear this more times than I would like for the pure idea that I don’t understand where we are getting these ideas of what looks should are considered to be Muslim. Aside from the addressing of “looking” it alarms me the amount of men who talk to me that aren’t very educated in what it means to be Muslim, now  I  never would expect them to know the in’s and outs of the religion but the general idea of knowing other religions is what makes us humans more tolerable of difference.

I know you’re tall, and looking for tall but maybe I can be the exception”

No, sorry.  It is called a preference.  I have  had to say no to people and they get soooo feisty, I am sorry, I just know what I want in a person and don’t see the need to settle.  Please forgive me for knowing that no matter how amazing you are, you will not be someone I will like if you are shorter than me. It just won’t happen, so instead of being feisty why not say thank you for not wasting each other’s time???


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