Re-branding, Re-inventing, Re-doing

 Not many people can re-invent or redo  things, but Bloggers can 🙂  I feel like we get to change up things, and re-launch, And that is exactly what I am going to do here.  I have been an esthetician for over a year now. In that year…  I have learned so many things about myself, the people I work with and what my clients look for. Through out this all the main thing I have learned is that I love helping people. This help comes in many different forms. I love, love, LOVE helping those find their way whether it be the correct skin care routine, the perfect shape for the brows( see my brows frame the face post…Brows are the frame of our face post).  I think  it is exciting to have a client who comes in with a just wanting a brow wax, then after much coursing to get a brow wax and a brow tint.  I was hesitant at first because brow tints are a bit shocking to a person who is use to only having light eyebrows without much distinction.  But when the service is over and I go  to hand the mirror for them to inspect my work.  The pure exclamation of joy  from my client, is what makes my job worth it. Showing clients things they couldn’t dream of is why I love doing my job.  
Another thing I enjoy doing is educating my clients on what their skin care is doing to them. As with everything in this world going closer to organic, I believe the same for skin care. I mean skin is our largest organ, and if we feel the need to fuel our bodies organically shouldn’t it be the same for our skin? I currently work with Eminence, and OHA. I like working with organic lines because there is a level of confidence in being able to refer a product that will not harm a person in any way. I encourage all of you to try and swap at least one thing a month to organic, I recommend starting with a moisturizer because that is one thing that stays in your body the longest. 

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