Product Review

I have subscribed to monthly & quarterly subscriptions where I get sent products to try and develop an idea about.

The mailers I am signed up for are: New Beauty- Test tube,  Goodebox,   Birchbox,  Ipsy 

I would recommend all of these but each is up to your budget and desire!  I have never been disappointed with beauty test tube or Ipsy.  The goodebox is new to me, so I will see!

I recently received Pacifica  Stellar Gaze Mascara;  I AM IN LOVE!!! This mascara doesn’t bleed or smear half way through the day! I love the ingredients,  the brush is nice and doesn’t let the lashes clump together.Pacifica Mascara I don’t get that half way through the day itch that I can sometimes get with other mascaras.  I feel when I use this mascara that I am doing good by my eyelashes, they feel more nourished than abused. I highly recommend this product, you are able to find it at Target & Wholefoods & Fred Myers.