LDR and the coulda woulda shoulda

Ok, where to start. When venturing into a long distant relationship there are many, MANY scenarios you could find yourself in:
Scenario 1:
You are in a serious committed relationship for 2+ years(this is important because of the “1 year itch”)
Scenario 2:
Been together for 1-2 years, with talks of Marriage
Scenario 3:
Been together for 1-2 years, without talks of marriage, or living together
Scenario 4:
0-12 months in the fun stages and just learning about each other
Scenario 5:
0-12 months and have talked about everything including love, future and life.

Depending on what scenario you find yourself, it gives different ways of handling the long distance. Those in scenario 1 are more likely to have a hard time than those is other scenarios, the way I see it, you squeaked by on the 1 year itch, for those of you who don’t know, the 1 year itch is where some relationships fail, about 1 year if they feel suffocated or have become to much into the relationship and lost touch with not relationship stuff.
If you compare scenario 5 and 1, the likelihood of success lies in scenario 5. Think of it this way, in scenario 5 you haven’t gone through enough of a routine to feel empty with them being gone, instead you get to still have your single-hood(when I say single, I most certainly do not mean being with other lovers, I mean working on yourself as a person, you can’t be a good pair if you are not a good individual) whilst working on the most important part of a relationship, communications. Because in scenario 5 you still have the infatuation with the concept of future with out the possibility of boring day to day issues. Doing LDR after realizing you are with your soul mate, you have the chance to fall in love with their mind and communication. Because when your looks go, and things become old, all you have left is the way you communicate. It is said that people rush into marriage, doing LDR is away to avoid that. I believe being successful in a LDR is being independent, understanding, descriptive, faithful, open, trustworthy, and a little dorky. I’ll go into the dorkiness a little later(it helps with showing how you think of them and that you are thinking of them)

Bottom line, if you want it, it will work. You just have to be truthful and upfront with what you want exactly both in your heart and to your love. No sugar coating, no hoping you will feel different later on. Worst feeling from LDR’s can be the feeling of wasted time, or feeling like you were a holding space until something better came along. In the end, love never fails.

cheers and happy loving

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