Gobble gobble… no no…not turkey talk just yet…

Alright I’m going to talk meal delivery, after I moved into the world of single mom and moved into my own space, dinners became hard to do. For some reason dinner for one is harder to plan than dinner for 2. I turned to meal delivery systems. I figured I could eat one and freeze or pack for lunch the other. I tried 4 different meal delivery companies Gobble, Blue Apron, Terra’s Kitchen, and Hello fresh and my absolute favorite was Gobblewhy you ask? Well for starters they did the hard work and planned yummy meals but they also put all the ingredients in nice little bags, most of the other companies made you look through the whole box to find the ingredients needed for one meal. While I wish they were using something more earth friendly, they did use paper when they could(room for improvements here). Let me break it all down for you:

Ease of setting up orders: They all ranked about the same here, online.

Menu Options: This is what was hard for me, I didn’t love blue Aprons options I found myself skipping weeks or settling for a less choice because I wanted something in that week. I loved hello fresh and Terra’s kitchen for their diet options(paleo, vegetarian, gluten or dairy free) Gobble didn’t have very many dietary restriction friendly meals.

Delivery: maybe it was the summer months maybe it was the rough handlers. But I found that most of the companies Ice bags had popped or were leaking. This was hard because the companies that didn’t have their products bagged would have this gel on them. Some companies were very quick to say everything is fine and Gobble was the only one to do right by the consumer!

Quality of ingredients: when I can I purchase organic, most of these items were organic products which was a bonus. They held up really well for if they weren’t used right away. I didn’t have a single item of waste during my time of using these services.

Recipe explanations: this is where most of them failed me. Most of the companies had one or two recipes left me wondering what I was suppose to do with certain ingredients. Some were more complex than I would like to be doing with a baby on my hip.

Costs: about $10-14 dollars per meal

Taste: Now I didn’t have a recipe I didn’t like but I definitely had recipes I wouldn’t do again. I loved Gobble for the pure fact the recipes were easy to freeze the left overs for another day. Gobbles sauce packets and such were my favorite flavors for sure!

I, of course, encourage you try your own to see what’s going to mesh best with your family but hopefully you’ll start with Gobble first!

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