Everyone is doing it…why not jump on that bandwagon?!

Blogging, I thought who would want to blog, let alone read anything I had to blog about. But than, Epiphany moment, who cares what everyone else thinks. If you don’t like overt your eyes. I always have things I am thinking about and wish to say, but most the time they dont fit the criteria for the current conversation, or it isn’t appropriate to say outloud. I realized today that there are just somethings in life that you need to have happen to consider your life to have been lived. The worst part is the list continuing, I am not talking about a bucket list, it is more of a quality life list. I think there are things to do and things you want to do. I want to compile this list, seeing that I am graduating, it is about time to get the most out of my life in the adult world that is. I have lived amazingly in my college and pre college years. I feel very lucky.

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