Why Chivalry is dead, from a Womens Perspective

Alright I came across this article awhile ago and had every intention of writing a piggy back article. I agreed with everything the article has stated, the livelihood of chivalry is gone. I blame technology and scary feminists(before anyone gets upset bare with me), men are being scared and showed the lazy way of getting to our hearts. Women who are trying to insert independence at the cost of chivalry, women we have the ability to be independent and be treated with chivalry from men. How?! Well its about educating men that the acts of chivalry are no longer because we as women can’t do it, but because they as a man recognize we can do it ourselves but still enjoy doing it for us as a sign of appreciation not weakness of our gender.
It doesn’t make you any less of a independent woman to let a man take care of you in the way b you deserve. You determine you worth by how you let people treat you. Expect the best get the best and don’t settle for anything less then butterflies!!!

A little of information is coming from the recent encounters and conversations I have had, bottom line we determine our worth, if you let a guy text or call you only when he wants too then you are setting yourself up for disappointment. What about the age old advice of letting a guy chase you?! What happened to going after the things we want?! What I haven’t figured out is why we let men dictate the successfulness of the relationship, what I mean by that is if it’s an equal attraction with a desire for furthering, why is it an expectation that we are to wait for them to have the next move? Also why is it that if we take the initiative we are labeled needy, why can’t it be labeled interested, or desirable?! This was an experiment I tried recently, and despite the progressiveness of our culture and women’s rights I was met with the same old, wait for him to call you…. When asked why they thought I should wait responses were relatively the same, make him want you, well I couldn’t jump on board with that. I am driven, determined and strong so why can’t I take my own future in my hands because honestly if I enjoy someone and they express interest why can’t I just go for it cialis black 80mg canada??? My mind set is if they can’t handle that part of me then they never were the right one for me!!


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