Most amazing Post I have been able to write/co-write

Hello! My name is Sarah and I, like you, am a fellow blog reader of Nadina. I first came across Nadina’s blog in the middle of this summer. I was blog surfing and searched for inspirational quotes when I found her blog. I did a quick scroll down her blog getting ready to click over […]

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I am back from my Hiatus!

 Oh my goodness…  It feels sooo good to be back!!!! I am very sorry for the hiatus, I was doing 15+ hour days with school and work.  But I am back and better than ever.  I am  a licensed esthetician doing what I am super passionate about, I couldn’t be happier! So the first thing […]

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It is Thursday!, I can’t turn my brain off

Ok, brain is a racing…..  I figure I will blog it out 🙂  I had a friend the other day tell me I should teach a class about flirting, how awesome would that be?!  I know I can teach others how to flirt, but taking my own advice HA. It was ironic the same day I […]

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Challenges help define you, but don’t break you

What we have face us and how we overcome them, are true testaments to the type of person we are. I was recently “seeing” a guy, I use the term seeing very loosely because we fell quickly before he left for a long distance gallivant.  I have a hard time writing this blog because I […]

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LDR and the coulda woulda shoulda

Ok, where to start. When venturing into a long distant relationship there are many, MANY scenarios you could find yourself in:Scenario 1:You are in a serious committed relationship for 2+ years(this is important because of the “1 year itch”)Scenario 2: Been together for 1-2 years, with talks of MarriageScenario 3: Been together for 1-2 years, […]

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