You’re to beautiful to be single….

All is fair in love and war…not really. Woman seemed to have drawn the short stick in the dating world.  If we act half the way men do we get a negative label; Like if we date multiple people at the same time we are a whore, if we go home right away with a […]


Texting & Relationships..Let the confusion begin

   Just give me a reason, just give me a single reason to hold a glimmer of hope. Men you are far too good at saying that right thing to lead a girl on with little to none assistance on keeping it up. The intention might not have been to make a girl rip her […]


Time to Shine; The Interview

The Interview, more commonly know as the “first date”. When did the all so nerve-wrecking elusive first date become that of going to dinner and spend time getting to know each other over a meal. Let me first say I write this in regard to MOST dates(at the end I will explain the  best one, […]

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Rejection; Just a push in the new direction

We have all been there, we have all been rejected at one point in our life, either in relationships, work or simply an application. I have been sitting on this topic to write about because   I feel like there are so many angles one can take when writing about rejection.  I think the best  or […]

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Sun Rays through Storm Clouds

They say it can be done, they say it can sometimes gets worse before it gets better. Nothing can be said, nothing can be done to help prepare for the first relationship after a heartbreak. Life throws curve balls, life gives you challenges that test you, it even tricks you to think you reached the […]