Gobble gobble… no no…not turkey talk just yet…

Alright I’m going to talk meal delivery, after I moved into the world of single mom and moved into my own space, dinners became hard to do. For some reason dinner for one is harder to plan than dinner for 2. I turned to meal delivery systems. I figured I could eat one and freeze […]


Life’s blessing with a twist

Well things changed really quick!!! Remember that catch 22…. well he wasn’t a catch per say but I caught something. OOPS!!! Welcome to the unconventional world of 2017, we had a baby! Well I had a baby, his baby; our baby! While I focused on growing, birthing and learning to love this amazing little human […]


That Catch-22

A Catch-22— a dilemma or difficult circumstance from which there is no escape because of mutually conflicting or dependent condition. We have all been stuck in a catch-22, in more ways than one can count.  But can you believe that most people are facing a type of catch-22 in your day to day relationships?  Let […]


Confusing loved & needed with used & wanted…

It is totally unhealthy, but yet we sometimes need it. That constant feel of being needed, talked to, leaned on, dedicated to and loved.  We desire to have the one person who isn’t obligated  to listen to us but chooses to. A lot of people allow themselves to feed this need of being chosen  in […]


When too good to be true…is just that..not true

The moment you think you have met the one, the one who has everything you want in a person. We all have been there in one way or another… We start imagining the future, and they started the ideas in your head. You have let the steps roll through, they meet your family because they […]

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