It is Thursday!, I can’t turn my brain off

Ok, brain is a racing…..  I figure I will blog it out 🙂  
I had a friend the other day tell me I should teach a class about flirting, how awesome would that be?!  I know I can teach others how to flirt, but taking my own advice HA. It was ironic the same day I got this text about teaching  this flirting class, this girl at school asked me to help her text flirt… yup got her laid hahahathat you .  I know, I know…. crazy…  I was excited but shooooot why can’t I take my own advice, do you know how successful I would be if I did?! 

OK… soooo hypothetically speaking… ha…right hypothetical, you hook up with this guy after a good amount of time  of “singing & dancing”  around the idea… wouldn’t you want compliments, I mean not necessarily  compliments, but come on a little “that was….., or shoot where ……  come from…..”  just a little something, something   to say hey  awesome

Like I said… brain WILL NOT SHUT OFF! Figuring out the line between convenience  and sincerity….  like this constant communication is occurring because I am available for it, or because they value the conversation? Same goes for everything else, how to find the difference between the two…  I have a lot more going on about this topic to come later with my blog “he is just that into you”  spin off the idea of  He is just not that into you, the movie and stuff helps you figure out if he isn’t into you…what about figuring out if he is…  I almost think that is harder!!!! 

Even though plans change, they only change to allow for the truth to happen.  What is truly hard is figuring out what the change has opened?????

Good luck! & Good night 🙂

Valentines Day…It is what you want it to be

Single-tines, Valentines Call it what you want Ohhh the awesomeness that we call valentines day… I have such a love/hate relationship with this day. I do believe it is this awful idea for relationships to be forced to shower love on this day only. I believe if you are in a loving relationship you should have everyday be a day where you love one another. Why need one day?! I mean I do loveeee this holiday when I have someone to share it with, why wouldn’t any normal person love this holiday if they actually get a chance to be able to live it up with someone they love. Although when I was in a relationship, I never saw Valentines day as this HUGE production. I do believe I have a hard time with being told what to do. I do love the idea of doing things when it is least expected. Therefore doing something on Valentines day seems sooo predictable, [plus you can never find a restaurant to go to]. I wish people would use valentines day to say they love someone that doesn’t get to see it or feel it every day..OHHH… Yesterday I went to the grocery  store…  The smell of roses  were OVERWHELMING! I must be broken because as a girl, I would rather have Lily’s  or Stargazers  over the typical roses…  But hey… any flowers are nice! I think what is going to be hard this valentines is that…  The older I get the more interesting it is to have romantic gestures on days  that are deemed “romantic necessary”.  But I am not into the awkward “I feel pressured” because it is Valentines day to be  romantic, I want the genuine  I am feeling romantic, lovey dovey to you because I care about you…  Not because there is a holiday dedicated to it

 OHHH I also have to pay tribute to my single ladies on Valentines day:  I must admit my FAVORITE Valentines day was with two of my girlfriends at like 10pm we went to the bar and ordered  lemon drops.  The crowd and group  was by far the BEST fun I have had in all of my Valentines!!!  Single ladies, go out with your friends in the best way possible! It will be SO worth it and fun! I wish the single ladies wouldn’t beat themselves up about not having “the one”  to celebrate this hallmark holiday with….. Get over it!  Girl friends can be a perfect substitute!! I know life can go either way on this “holiday” but what you make of it  it what really matters!!

So on that note:

You know who you are!!!  Will you?!
What are your plans this Valentines?!