Valentines Day…It is what you want it to be

Single-tines, Valentines Call it what you want Ohhh the awesomeness that we call valentines day… I have such a love/hate relationship with this day. I do believe it is this awful idea for relationships to be forced to shower love on this day only. I believe if you are in a loving relationship you should have everyday be a day where you love one another. Why need one day?! I mean I do loveeee this holiday when I have someone to share it with, why wouldn’t any normal person love this holiday if they actually get a chance to be able to live it up with someone they love. Although when I was in a relationship, I never saw Valentines day as this HUGE production. I do believe I have a hard time with being told what to do. I do love the idea of doing things when it is least expected. Therefore doing something on Valentines day seems sooo predictable, [plus you can never find a restaurant to go to]. I wish people would use valentines day to say they love someone that doesn’t get to see it or feel it every day..OHHH… Yesterday I went to the grocery  store…  The smell of roses  were OVERWHELMING! I must be broken because as a girl, I would rather have Lily’s  or Stargazers  over the typical roses…  But hey… any flowers are nice! I think what is going to be hard this valentines is that…  The older I get the more interesting it is to have romantic gestures on days  that are deemed “romantic necessary”.  But I am not into the awkward “I feel pressured” because it is Valentines day to be  romantic, I want the genuine  I am feeling romantic, lovey dovey to you because I care about you…  Not because there is a holiday dedicated to it

 OHHH I also have to pay tribute to my single ladies on Valentines day:  I must admit my FAVORITE Valentines day was with two of my girlfriends at like 10pm we went to the bar and ordered  lemon drops.  The crowd and group  was by far the BEST fun I have had in all of my Valentines!!!  Single ladies, go out with your friends in the best way possible! It will be SO worth it and fun! I wish the single ladies wouldn’t beat themselves up about not having “the one”  to celebrate this hallmark holiday with….. Get over it!  Girl friends can be a perfect substitute!! I know life can go either way on this “holiday” but what you make of it  it what really matters!!

So on that note:

You know who you are!!!  Will you?!
What are your plans this Valentines?!

Motivational Monday v.6— De-Stress!

 Life is what you make of it, or so we are told. I think that when everything goes wrong it is your duty to make it right. It is your duty to make life to what you want it. This motivational Monday is just that… Going for what you want! I have found myself under a lot of stress lately because of schooling and my life in general. Quick background: My dad had me get a degree(best idea ever, Thanks dad!) then I got a great job(not a career, but definitely something were I could use my degree) …but I have always wanted to be an esthetician, my dad didn’t support it, but I was going to do it by Hell or high water..and right now I am doing it… I quit my great job to take a job that will give me better insight to my career. I don’t have regrets, but it is definitely worth every second of it…sometimes I just need a little motivation… I am sharing it to hopefully help all of you too!!!!!

 Best Advice for  ANYONE in anything!!! Take it!

Motivational Monday v.5

In Honor of “Love” Month
With everything circling around the idea of showing love in the month of February(which I have my opinions on, see my Valentines day blog post coming).  I feel like I have a solid understanding of Love, relationships and the concept of forever,  I partly blame that to my obsession of reading sappy  books, Cosmo, and my severe  Love for quotes.  I think the combination of such things has really helped me attain  a well rounded knowledge of the very diverse  idea of Love.
I think this has to be the best idea a person can go into life hoping for a person that wants you for just you. Because remembering that a person is not your everything, they are purely the something that makes things more worth it.  Which brings me to:
This has to be the best part of knowledge  I have ever been given, because we all know how we can get swooped up into love and the person, but remembering where you are in the equation helps you keep your head  leveled.
Just remember if it feels right, do it…worse case you learn from it!

Just remember we are all individuals  and for that people will love you… it is finding that someone who does.  What do you love about yourself that you would your “true”  love to love about you?

Motiviational Monday V.4

Hey Ya’ll its Monday again!!! 
I was driving home from my hectic life again  and I was listening to my new GLEE  soundtrack (which I am SOOOO loving!!!!)  But on came my FAVORITE “bring me up and motivate me” song!
I just love this song!  I feel like it has such a great message to convey!  This song  is my Motivational Monday!  I hope you find inspiration  and motivation  in this Glee version of Man in the Mirror!!!!!!

This song when I was in Highschool  my senior year we would play this song on repeat  when we would go on lunch  and sing…errr….yell

Motivational Monday V.3

Motivational Monday

I think today is good for the blanket motivation.  I know I could use it, I feel as if I could be taking on many things that are going to be hard and motivational quotes like this help me think about the bigger picture and what I want to accomplish.

 I think it is easier to say than do sometimes but it is very  necessary  to believe this quote with everything because you will only become a better person for it. When life gets you down or when you reflect  you never want to worry about the shoulda, coulda, woulda.  Worry only about the who, what, when, where….  don’t even worry about the why…  TRY everything and reflect on it later… don’t ever wish you would have done something.

I think this quote is another way to show that life is short, you only have one shot to try it all, why not actually do it all.  But the catch with doing it all or trying it all is don’t half-ass it. I have found in my life I go into things with the BEST intentions but come out less then what I wanted and look back and WISH I could have continued with that drive I started with.  My goal is to not do that…  I my goal is to start and finish with the same motivation through out it…  no more of this half-assing and wishing I would have tried it differently before I lost my passion. Have you ever  started something you were SO passionate about to only realize that when you were done you could have put so much more effort into it? 

This is for all of you that have things you want but are afraid or don’t know how to keep the pursuit of them. 

 My things I want:
~Learn Arabic
~Be come a Natural healer and feeder
~Be the best in my field
~Attain respect from my community  by providing good service and good advice
~BE A ROLE MODEL  for at least one person!

These  are some of my dreams I believe in, what are yours??

I wrote this same thing when I was in high school and came across it when I was cleaning…  it is too true of a statement to forget…everyone should have “their”  quote  to live by.  The one quote you can turn to help center you….
What is yours?